Divisional Overview

Bidvest is a leading business-to-business services, trading and distribution group, operating through six divisions:

Services, Freight, Branded Products, Commercial Products, Financial Services and Automotive. The Group owns a significant and strategic property portfolio largely occupied by Bidvest. Bidvest has a 58% stake in Adcock Ingram (Adcock). Effective May 2020, Bidvest executed its biggest transaction ever when it acquired PHS, a leading hygiene service provider in the UK, Ireland and Spain. 20% of Group trading profit is earned internationally.

Bidvest generates 62% of trading profit from services and 38% from trading and distribution activities

Bidvest services 300 000 customers through 550 facilities

Group B-BBEE level 4 with 58% of individual businesses at level 1 - 3

Trading profit Divisional contribution

FY2021 key financials1

Revenue (%)

FY2021 key financials<sup>1</sup>

Trading profit (%)

FY2021 key financials<sup>1</sup>


FY2021 key financials<sup>1</sup>

Revenue (%)

FY2021 key financials<sup>1</sup>

Revenue R28.9bn 30.8% Growth

EBITDA R4.1bn 14.3% Margin

Trading profit R3.3bn 11.4% Margin

Facilities management

Operating across multiple sectors, Services’ comprehensive and diverse range of facilities management capabilities creates a unique platform for customised client solutions



Revenue R6.2bn (1.6%) Growth

EBITDA R1.5bn 24.5% Margin

Trading profit R1.3bn 20.9% Margin

Freight logistics

Offers leading private sector freight management in sub- Saharan Africa. Facilitates the storage, handling and movement of cargo through its independent terminal operations, logistics and marine services


Financial Services

Revenue R2.6bn (0.1%) Growth

EBITDA R0.6bn 22.9% Margin

Trading profit R0.3bn 12.5% Margin

Short-term insurance
Life insurance
Other financial services

Specialists in fleet management and foreign exchange services. Offers insurance and other financial services to the corporate marketss

Branded Products

Revenue R17.8bn 2.7% Growth

EBITDA R1.7bn 9.5% Margin

Trading profit R1.5bn 8.2% Margin

Office products
Data, print and packaging
Household consumer products

Offers leading branded pharmaceutical, office and household products, and office services


Commercial Products

Revenue R14.0bn 17.4% Growth

EBITDA R1.0bn 7.2% Margin

Trading profit R0.9bn 6.6% Margin

Plumbing and
electrical products
DIY, tools and workwear
Industrial products

Manufacturing, distribution and trading businesses representing well-recognised industrial and consumer day-to-day essential products



Revenue R21.1bn 15.5% Growth

EBITDA R0.7bn 3.2% Margin

Trading profit R0.7bn 3.1% Margin

Vehicle retailing
Vehicle auctioneering

One of South Africa’s largest motor retailers, with a trading history of more than 100 years. It retails vehicles through a national footprint as well as vehicle auctioneering