The Bidvest Group Limited ANNUAL INTEGRATED REPORT 2012
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Operational review BIDVEST NAMIBIA


  Sebulon Kankondi Chief executive    



  Two operational units – BidFish, focused on the fishing industry and BidCom, the commercial services and products business engaged in freight management and logistics, travel services, office automation, office and stationery supplies, foodservice and the distribution of fast moving consumer goods. BidFish operates one of Africa’s most modern and best-resourced fishing fleets and has a high reputation for quality delivery into Namibian and pan-African markets. Horse-mackerel is a point of focus, but NamFish’s range also includes canned fish, oysters and other products. Operational companies within BidCom have Namibia-wide reach and are leaders in their respective sectors. Bidvest Namibia is listed on the Namibian Stock Exchange.


“Accountable management teams maintain strong focus on customers and marketplace opportunities. Changes were well accepted by our employees and strong morale underpinned improved BidCom performance. Our future performance is dependent on key issues such as biomass management and skills development as well as fuel and energy efficiencies.”

Sebulon Kankondi
Chief executive

Highlights and challenges  
  • Expanded fishing fleet contributed to strong performance buoyed by large catches  
  • Recovery of biomass and rising total allowable catch  
  • Strengthened management teams  
  • Strong employee morale underpinned improved BidCom performance  
  • Slow reponse from foodservice business to competitor attack disappointing  
  • Challenging rental car environment  
  Bidvest Namibia's
Headline earnings per share rose by
+ 16,9%
  to 140,3 cents


Financial performance


Bidvest Namibia is listed on the Namibian Stock Exchange.

The Bidvest Namibia ann

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Environmental performance

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Social performance

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